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The world has changed.

The world has changed and the rules have changed along with it. Have you been listening? People are restless, and the good ones . . they’re looking for more. Not more money, not more fame, but meaning and connection and purpose. But revolutions don’t happen from the middle, where it’s safe. They start at the edges.

What’s the view like from where you’re standing?

The age of average people management; of hierarchy and mediocrity is over. That average stuff you force on the people you call average. We don’t know who those people are anymore. Do you? It’s time for a revolution. In an AI work space where we engage with computers as much as we do with each other, the difference between us, is human.

Come dance with us.

We're building a coalition of the willing.

Change the Rules.

Come join us.

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A new conversation.

When we reframe the conversation about how we work. We reframe the way we think about people. The stories we tell ourselves and each other; about why we are the way we are . . and where we fit . . and what we can contribute.

We enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
To level up and lead.
To do the real work that needs to be done.
To help us build a more creative and resilient company.

That's the unfair advantage.

Revolutions are impossible, until they’re not, and then they seem totally normal.

Seth Godin

Join the Revolution.

We're building a coalition of the willing. Those willing to share and to learn and to reframe the way we think about people and what they can contribute. Join us.

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