Good Interview Questions.

Good Interview Questions.


Good questions shine a light in places we didn't think to look.

They push us forward and open doors to areas we can’t have seen from a resume or a phone call.They challenge candidates to thoughtfully reveal themselves.

Good questions help companies make more meaningful connection so that we can reframe the way we think about people and what they could contribute.

The following list is not supposed to be exhaustive, nor is it supposed to replace some of the key competency questions needed to highlight areas of expertise or particular skill.

It's simply a bank of questions from which it may be useful to pick and choose, to help you understand more meaningfully, the person you're seeking to interview.

Or if you're preparing for an interview; to help you reflect and answer questions more thoughtfully, so that you might reveal more of your true self and connect more meaningfully with this new company you're trying on for size.

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If you’ve got some great interview questions, let us know. We’ll keep adding as we go here.

Oh and by the way, a new interview process template will be arriving here soon.